My Crazy Kong bootleg

My 2nd cab is a project cab. I bought it with the intention to make it a generic Jamma cab. It was kind of a long shot, because the seller said it was completely dead. I thought and still think it looks kind of nice:

MR Crazy Kong 2MR Crazy KongMR Crazy Kong 3

When I got it upstairs and connected a game to the monitor using my Supergun, this happened:

MR Crazy Kong 4

Not bad at all!!!

I’m still working on this one, it needs some new wood on top and some new molding. I’ll also rewire the cab, making it Jamma. I bought a falcon Crazy Kong PCB to put in it, it has a Jamma connector attached to it.

Nice thing to mention is that this cab was in a Tros TV show called “Drie ster” from the 80s, as you can see in this screenshot:



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