Ms Pacman

I wanted a Pacman game. I really wanted a Pacman game. I almost bought a Pacmania one time, but I didn’t think it was the same. It should be a Pacman, or maybe a Ms Pacman. One day……

And that day was yeterday…. I drove to another collector in the East part of Holland to get my Ms Pacman cabinet. She needs some work, because time has been rough on her paint. And she’s not working at the moment, but she is complete and has a brand new monitor.

The big question is: will I paint her with the well known stencils, or will I put vinyl on her body? Not sure yet. If I can get my hands on stencils in Europe I might prefer that because shipping is so expensive from the US nowadays.

For sure I’ll get the 96 in 1 kit, so I can play loads of Pacman like games.

This is what she looks likes right now. I got a red ball joystick, that will do until I get an original replacement.


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