Hyper Sports

Today I received a Konami Hyper Sports PCB. I was looking for this since I have a Hyper Olympic cabinet (this is the European version of Track n Field). But for some reason this PCB got a lot more expensive. Luckily I managed to find a reasonably prices one in Holland.

The game is part 2 of the Konami classic Olympic game series and I used to play this as a kid on my MSX home computer. Konami made a lot of MSX game back in the days, all on cartidges (although I only had them on tape). The game is a little bit harder then the 1st, but that could be because I haven’t practised it very much lately.

My plan is too put both games in the cabinet and switch it with a jamma switcher. My gameroom hasn’t got space for more cabinets so putting more then one game in some of my cabs seems to be the right way to go. I still have a switcher lying around I can use for this. I will have to make some Konami to Jamma adapters as well.

When it’s all set, I will make a video of the cab running both games and put it up here.

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