Hell Yeah ….

Pretty awesome combi the New Astro City with Streetfighter 2 Hyper Fighting


It’s now fully working and set to freeplay.

Ghosts n Goblins series

Right now I’m in the middle of something: the adventures of Knight Arthur. This little fellow is the main character in a series of videogames that is well known and HARD. And when I say it’s hard I mean really fucking hard. The series are the Ghosts n Goblins series and the games are: Ghosts n Goblins (Arcade), Ghouls n Ghosts (Arcade) and SUper Ghouls n Ghosts (SNES). Even the Super Nintendo game is already challenging on the normal setting.

The PCBs of these games are not easy to find, especially the 1st game (Ghosts n Goblins) doesn’t pop up very often. I was able to get a bootleg board that will come next week. As for the Ghouls PCB: I have a CPS1 Street Fighter board that can be converted. This means only a swap of a couple of components, so the streetfighter will still be playable. Because the roms run on the original CPS1 hardware the game will play like the original.

I’m really happy to add these icons to my collection and I’m sure they’ll get a lot of play. Hopefully I’m tough enough to master the games.

Psychic 5

When I was just a little guy, I went on a holiday to Italy. Lake Garda was the spot we went to and it was somewhere in the mid 80s. There was a big arcade over there, but also in other places videogames were available to play for (I think) 100 lire.

Our apartment was on a park with off course a swimming pool and a cafeteria. One day I went in there getting something too eat or drink when I discovered a new game. It was a game where you play a little fellow with a hammer that smashes all kind of stuff. You could also change character and hit a witch on a broom. The end of the level was with a demon you had to beat. I played it and played it and played it, until I was out of lires. Then I watched other guys playing the game. I really liked the game but being a kid I forgot all about it while playing outside on the beach.

Then 20-25 years later I’m discovering MAME, browsing through screenshots….. my eye stops at this particular game

O yeah….. this is the game I played in Italy as a kid…… and it has a name now: Psychic 5. I played it in MAME and I get this lovely nostalgic feeling (big part of the hobby IMO), but it plays like shit on my laptop.

And now I have the PCB……a bootleg, but I have this game. This means I get to play it in my Jamma cab. It has a glitch, so I have to do a little repair on it. But after that I can play it.

To me this is one of the greatest games: the holiday in Italy in my childhood, the memory, the music, the atmosphere of the game… I can’t wait to play it.

Killer Instinct

I have a new cab: Killer Instinct.

This 90s Nintendo classic holds a special place in my heart. I must admit I 1st played it of the SNES before ever putting my quarter (actually it was a guilder off course) in the Arcade game.

It was my (current) brother in law that made me go to the arcade to play it.

The cab needs some work, it misses the speaker grill and the control panel needs plexi and artwork. It also needs some real TLC to get rid off rust, new T molding and maybe some black paint.

But the sideart looks fresh, and the cab is fully working (I will rebuild the monitor though).


Now it has to go upstairs in pieces, because it doesn’t fit through the stairway. But hey…… we did it with my MK2….

Love to see those next to each other, that will be the ULTRA combooooooooo

History of Street Fighter II

I found this great website where they tell the story of Fighting game classic Street Fighter II

While this is not my favorite in the genre (that’s MKII obv), it’s clear that this is the one title that changed the arcades towards the succesful period in the 90s.

So check this out

If you can’t get enough of the SF vibe, there is also this video you MUST go check out.

Have fun!

Bubble Bobble

Back in the early 1990´s, My family went on a holiday to France. Being there we went to (I think it was) a bar and as usual I asked my dad for some coins to play the videogame. This time it was Bubble Bobble. I played the hell out of it, what a fun game.

I might have played it once or twice on any console at a friends place since then, but I always remembered that holiday in Normandie.

As soon as I got into this arcade hobby, I learned there are some games that are really expensive. Bubble Bobble is one of them. 300 euro seems to be the going rate on an original 1986 Taito PCB and even the bootleg boards seem to cost around 100 euro. and that is if you find them in working condition.

The thing with the Taito boards is that it has (as so many other games) a Taito custom chip. You can read more about it over here. The bootleggers didn’t have the data sheets of this chip, so they had to work around it, resulting in non perfect but mostly acceptable gameplay.

Fortunately someone figured out a way to change the code on the game roms of these bootlegs to get the game to play near perfect. This is called REDUX. And I got my hands on a Bubble Bobble Bootleg with REDUX roms already on them.


I got the pinout of the 22 pin connector of this PCB from the seller, so the only thing I needed to do was solder an Jamma adapter. This isn’t very hard, but it was something I’d never done before. The 1st attempt didn’t work out, but the 2nd one did:


Now let’s see if it actually works……


YES!! Nice, nice, nice…. but…… no sound yet.

After some measuring I found out that my ATX powered supergun has nu -5V, this must have been the issue here. I put the game in my New Astro City and………

bubbob in NAC

it works like a charm

Remember Sonic

Tx Sombetzki

Perfect pacman game (or do you have some spare time)

I came across this video of some guy doing a perfect game of Pacman. This means he get every dot and every ghost possible without dying, until he get’s to the kill screen. And he’s doing it in a very, very fast time.

So if you don’t have anything to do for 3,5 hours, have fun with these videos:

Tetris Masters

Some people are really good in a specific game. This documentary is about NES Tetris experts.

Donkey Kong

Everybody knows Donkey Kong and everybody playd a game containing on of the original DK characters (DK of Mario).

dk messed up image

I really wanted to have a DK arcade cabinet and I managed to get one from the USA in a containerdeal with other European collectors. Unfortunately the 33 year old Sanyo monitor isn’t working properly

The scrambled image was fixed by a fellow collector from the Rotterdam area, but as you can see the picture is way too small. This is caused by defective capicitators or caps.

So what do you do when something is broken…. you fix it with a cap kit!!

cap kit

I got all the needed caps and another kind collector will solder them onto the monitor chassis.

This will happen next monday, so I’m kind off thrilled. I can finally play on the cabinet I wanted for such a long time.

Maybe with a lot of extra practicing I will become the new King of Kong ones…… or not

One thing is for sure: I’ll be playing a lot of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr this year.