500k challenge 326k video


In my quest to get a 500k score I filmed this attempt that got me 326k. My personal best ATM is 398.900, so I still have a pretty long way to go. I’m happy to see that my average score of good games seem to crawl in the directionof 300k. To get 500k I need to get a little bit of an upswing but I just keep trying to improve.



Donkey Kong 500k challenge



Autumn has began, the temperature is getting better in my gameroom, so it’s time for a challenge:

500.000 points at Donkey Kong


My current highscore is just under 400k and that really was a one timer. My plan is to play one or two games every day when I can. My tactic is just get as far into the game as I can. Point pressing is not really necessary, because I don’t get to the end.

I think it would be fun to make some videos of my attempts, but for now I start with uploading pics of my scores on instagram. The feed on the right of this blog will show them. The tag I’ll use is #500kchallenge.

My best effort so far in this challenge is 333.200

It’s on…. like Donkey Kong

Hyper Sports

Today I received a Konami Hyper Sports PCB. I was looking for this since I have a Hyper Olympic cabinet (this is the European version of Track n Field). But for some reason this PCB got a lot more expensive. Luckily I managed to find a reasonably prices one in Holland.

The game is part 2 of the Konami classic Olympic game series and I used to play this as a kid on my MSX home computer. Konami made a lot of MSX game back in the days, all on cartidges (although I only had them on tape). The game is a little bit harder then the 1st, but that could be because I haven’t practised it very much lately.

My plan is too put both games in the cabinet and switch it with a jamma switcher. My gameroom hasn’t got space for more cabinets so putting more then one game in some of my cabs seems to be the right way to go. I still have a switcher lying around I can use for this. I will have to make some Konami to Jamma adapters as well.

When it’s all set, I will make a video of the cab running both games and put it up here.

DK Gameplay video

From now on I’ll be posting gameplay videos in the new section: http://www.anucade.com/gameplay-videos

The 1st one is a mediocre game of Donkey Kong where I get around 250k points.


Changing Anucade website

I’ll be changing this website soon. My idea is to put pictures of my video games and gameplay videos on it.

to be continued

Ms Pacman

I wanted a Pacman game. I really wanted a Pacman game. I almost bought a Pacmania one time, but I didn’t think it was the same. It should be a Pacman, or maybe a Ms Pacman. One day……

And that day was yeterday…. I drove to another collector in the East part of Holland to get my Ms Pacman cabinet. She needs some work, because time has been rough on her paint. And she’s not working at the moment, but she is complete and has a brand new monitor.

The big question is: will I paint her with the well known stencils, or will I put vinyl on her body? Not sure yet. If I can get my hands on stencils in Europe I might prefer that because shipping is so expensive from the US nowadays.

For sure I’ll get the 96 in 1 kit, so I can play loads of Pacman like games.

This is what she looks likes right now. I got a red ball joystick, that will do until I get an original replacement.


Tiger Heli

Tiger Heli, another childhood memory. I was looking for this game for quite some time and I found an original Taito PCB on ebay for a reasonable price. There were a couple of places back in the day where you found arcade games. One of these places was a community centre near my home. Tiger Heli was in there for a certain period. It’s basicly a vertical shooter with a helicopter and you have to blow up stuff.

I’m planning on making gameplay videos in the near future, this game will probably be one of the 1st do.

Eurocade / Retro Game Experience 2014

Back in 2014: The Retro Game Experience featuring Eurocade 2014.


The concept is simple: a couple of collectors bring arcade games to Hilversum for the public to play on them. I’ll bring my Hyper Olympic cabinet this year.

This video shows this game

More information about Eurocade can be found @


If you want to play some games you hardly ever will find together: be there.

This video gives a good impression of last year’s edition


I added another childhood memory to my collection: Capcom’s Commando.

This game probably owes it’s title to the 80s movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s one the first “run and shoot everything you come across” games. And it’s also fucking hard. Can’t wait to put it in my cabinet.

commando commando2

This game was also on the Commodore 64, so people might know that version of the game.

Green Beret

Another one of my childhood favourits: Green Beret. I own the US version of the game named Rush n Attack. In fact the 2 games are interchangable on the same PCB by doing a EPROM swap.

gb gb2

In this game you fight your way through a couple of levels using weapons like a knive, a gun and a flamethrower. It’s not the hardest game around, but I like the gameplay and music a lot. And it takes me back to my childhood when I used to play it.

rna rna2

More info on the game on KLOV